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Brennerei Braun

The Brauns have been producing select fruit brandies for generations. Hand-picked fruit from their own meadow orchards are used almost exclusively for these brandies. Old, local fruit varieties are found here, e.g., gages (a type of round plum), quinces and the rare apple variety "Geheimrat Dr. Oldenburg" which has an almost exotic flavour. Before these precious "raw ingredients" can finally flow into the connoisseur's glass as wonderful brandies, eaux-de-vie or liqueurs, they must first go through an elaborate process, much of which is done by hand.

The end result is prize-winning, noble specialities like for instance, a 15 year old grape brandy or the "Nussler" prepared according to an old family recipe.  Distiller Dieter Braun's pride and joy however is a "cigar brandy", an apple brandy aged in oak casks which has intense woody notes. The high level of handicraft involved in Braun's distillates was recently rewarded with two gold medals.


Geisbergstraße 20
D-97922 Lauda-Königshofen
T.      +49 9343 1789
F.      +49 9341 897144



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