Feel like sampling flavours from afar?

EDORA – Premiumgewürze

Over 200 spices and herbs as well as 20 different varieties of salt

Family-owned EDORA stands for high-quality spices and herbs, as well as for popular seasoning blends.

Purchasing is the boss's job. Only the very best raw ingredients from the best production locations around the world are sourced.
These include fine salts such as traditional Hawaiian sea-salt from Molokai Island, fleur de sel (flower of salt) from Portugal and sel gris from France, all directly imported by EDORA.

The product range also includes a wide range of domestic and Mediterranean culinary herbs, which are supplemented by further international spice and seasoning specialities. From exclusive pepper varieties and specialities and spicy chili varieties to high-quality Asian and African spices and blends – you'll find everything here.

In the EDORA Gourmet Shop in Kleinostheim, spice lovers can smell and taste their way through an exciting and diverse world of seasonings.

You'll also find a large selection of mortars and mills, organic delicatessen products, organic oils and vinegars as well as tasteful gifts.

EDORA – Premiumgewürze

Industriestr. 4
63801 Kleinostheim
T.      06027 40964-0



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