The second life of the bottle has begun!

Manufaktur MaBe

flaschenWINDLICHT – the original bottle lantern

In one of the oldest houses in Steinbach, a district of Johannesberg, Ute and Martin Beucker and their family manufacture flaschenWINDLICHT lanterns out of empty disposable bottles. The old farmhouse not only accommodates the workshop, but also a little farm-shop in which visitors are welcome to browse and buy.
Decorative and sustainable lanterns are created here in the spirit of upcycling from empty bottles collected locally.

The result is not only functional but also designorientated and quite beautiful. The pure simplicity of the product is enchanting. 

"We're also happy to realise individual wishes", explains Ute Beucker.
"It is so amazing to see how much joy one can gift with one of our  flaschenWINDLICHT lanterns.
Memories of holidays, emotions associated with happy family events and other special moments can be made to last this way."

Manufaktur MaBe

Steinbacherstrasse 42
63867 Johannesberg
M.    0173 9196363

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