"I see my work as a sculpture for all"

Ottmar Hörl

Ottmar Hörl is one of the most eclectic German conceptual artists. His comprehensive body of works includes all formats, the most different materials and genres of art.
Hörl achieved worldwide fame primarily through radical art concepts as well as large projects with serial sculptures in public spaces. His universal allegories have now become part of our collective memory such as the famous "Euro Sculpture" in Frankfurt am Main.
For his chosen home of Wertheim, Hörl installed colourful Luther figures in 25 public places in 2016, which was Luther Year. The show was under the title "Protestant Provocations: Luther in the city".

The principle behind Ottmar Hörl's globally successful model is that everyone can purchase a sculpture for their own personal living space – from his online shop,
in one of the galleries representing his works worldwide or in many museum shops.

Ottmar Hörl

Kembacher Straße 9
97877 Wertheim-Dietenhan
T.      09397 328



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