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Nature has been kind to the Spessart-Mainland region:
on one side the noble Main, surrounded by castles, palaces and sun-soaked vineyards. On the other side, the unspoiled Spessart with its seas of leaves that glow in ever-new colours with the seasons.
This landscape invites you to come and actively explore it. Maybe a delights bicycle tour along the Main cycle path. Or perhaps by e-bike, scaling the Spessart hills with the tours of the "Wald erFahren" initiative. Hikers can discover the RÄUBERLAND quality region or the certified Spessartwege 1 & 2 and Spessartbogen routes.
Allow yourself to indulge in exquisite game dishes – often in a delicious combination with the excellent wines. If you want to extend the pleasure to all senses beyond just the tongue and palate, you can book a wellness package in the Spessart health spas Bad Orb and Bad Soden-Salmünster.


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