Wine is not just a cultural asset. It must also give pleasure.

Winzerhof Stahl

They're called Federstahl, Edelstahl and Damaszener Stahl and they belong with the best of what the area has to offer when it comes to wines.  

Simone and Christian Stahl are among those who have moved up in the rankings the last few years and they produce wines that really pack a punch. Pigot talks about their "astonishing white wines, which are definitely to be classified under radical German pop culture, alongside the band Rammstein and the film Head-On".

At any rate, Stahl wines have a quite unique character and are immediately recognisable in your mouth,  with a clear aroma, pleasant minerality and saltiness.  They are fun to drink and leave you wanting more.  

Their restaurant takes the same approach:  "normal is somewhere else". Atlantic catfsh with a hint of black pudding, veal cheeks on a celeriac purée … Different, but simply delicious.

Winzerhof & Weinrestaurant Stahl

Lange Dorfstraße 21
D-97215 Auernhofen
T.      +49 9848 96896
F.      +49 9848 96898

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