Becksteiner Rebenhof


While the world is turning at an increasingly dizzying pace, the Beckstein Vineyard has remained a place of peace and relaxation. The Bauer family has created an unrivalled world of enjoyment in harmony with nature amidst the beautiful vineyards of the Tauber Valley. Guests’ well-being is the top priority here!

Boasting 25 wine lodges, a spa area and the Genussfaktur restaurant, the boutique hotel is a place to linger, relax and feel good. The lodges are all decorated in soft, soothing colours and furnished with a flair for design.

At Genussfaktur, gourmet chef Rolf Kronmüller turns every meal into an experience with exquisite dishes that are rooted in the region and inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. Wednesday is wood-fired oven day with home-made delicacies such as fresh oven breads, plaited sweet breads and stuffed yeast dumplings – pure enjoyment!

Becksteiner Rebenhof

Am Hummelacker 34 – 52
97922 Lauda-Königshofen, Beckstein

T. +49 9343 9809 000

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