Filippo Pizzo – Olivenöl


When Filippo Pizzo talks about his olive oil, his eyes sparkle. His oil and his olives are truly special! The olives grow on his olive grove in sunny Sicily – in the Salso valley northeast of Agrigento.

They are manually harvested while still green, which gives the olive oil its fresh taste. The hand-picked, modern oil mill uses exclusively mechanical methods to gently extract the oil from the olives. Filippo Pizzo proudly explains: “We were on the ground to help out and monitor every stage, from harvesting and pressing to bottling. We can therefore be sure to offer you our familiar premium quality – Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva – with a fruity taste and pleasantly spicy flavour.” This ‘green gold’ is deeply appreciated by gourmets and healthy eaters alike.

Filippo Pizzo

Filippo Pizzo - OlivenölSchwabenstraße 29
63785 Obernburg

T. +49 6022 4666
F. +49 6022 7787

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