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Cultured roasting since 1986

Each coffee bean holds up to 1,000 aromas. At Kaffee Braun, a gentle and prolonged roasting process enables the nuanced flavours and aromas found in every bean variety to develop and mature beautifully. But it takes a lot of experience and passion to produce this outstanding quality. “We have never seen coffee as a run-of-the-mill product”, says Rainer Braun, the founder. Family friendships have since emerged from his many trips to the best growing regions around the world and his business relationships. He firmly believes that it is the people themselves – from the coffee farmers to the team, the customers and coffee connoisseurs – who bring the passion and dedication to transform the product into something special.

Another thing that sets Kaffee Braun apart: the combination of a traditional roastery and service provider for bulk consumers.

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Kaffee Braun GmbH

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