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The mechanical engineer and passionate hobby chef Christian Münz first witnesses meat being grilled on an iron plate at a farm in the Basque mountains during the 1990s. He is so thrilled by this traditional way of preparing meat that he starts to fashion his own grills from steel plates. This passion sowed the seeds for his manufactory, which has been building and selling high-quality smokers and fire plates since 2006. It would be perfectly fair to say that Münz established fire plates as barbecue accessories in Germany. To produce the fire plates, Münz selects a special steel that is otherwise used in food machinery. His plates are at least 8 mm thick and therefore heavy – for optimum cooking points and roasting aromas. Asado racks and barbecue stations have since been added to the portfolio – for additional ways of cooking meat over an open fire. Participants in the Münz barbecue courses learn how to prepare food perfectly over an open fire.

Münz – Die Manufaktur

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